The Cookie Monster

Happy Friday!  I thought I'd share some photos from our after school snack a couple of days ago.  I had intended to take some really pretty photos of this cookie topped with ice cream, but as you can see, there was no stopping Emma.  She was so funny and sneaky - didn't even look back at me to check to see if I was going to tell her "no."  Just grabbed it and ran.  The entire swipe happened in about 3 seconds - I didn't have the heart to stop her : )

To make these yummy individual Chocolate Chip Cookies & Cream Pies, we put cookie dough in these Petite Tart Pans ($6 for 10) and baked for 10-12 minutes.  Yum!  The middle was gooey, the outside was chewy and edges were crunchy - such a treat!

As you can see, she is counting out and savoring each one of her allotted 4 chocolate chips.

Devouring and enjoying each and every one!

Now, hot out of the oven, she helped me put a scoop of ice cream on top.  As I was getting my camera set up, I didn't realize she was planning her attack.  When I looked through my lens for a test shot, I see this.

And then, in a matter of seconds...

Swiped it.  As you can see the ice cream didn't even have a minute to start getting melty, as I had planned for the photos.  

Literally ran out of the kitchen with it.  I guess she's got her Dad's love of chocolate chip cookies!

Happy Friday!