Chestnut & Fig Candles and Acorn Copper Cookie Cutters are back!

Last year for Thanksgiving I offered this candle, Chestnut & Fig ($12.50-18.00), and I've been getting requests for it ever since.  This year I'm bringing it out a little early because it is the perfect Fall harvest scent - toasted chestnut, orange oil, clove, oak, cedar & fig.  The wax is tinted in a warm, butternut hue that is the perfect compliment to the harvest essential oils.

I've also created an accompanying Dish Soap ($8) in the same scent and coordinating creamy butternut color.  As all of you know, I love everyday luxuries - just little things that make normal day-to-day a little more special.  One of the things I look forward to doing every season is finding a dish soap that is perfectly suited for the time of year.  For this season, I've added a touch of the Chestnut & Fig harvest blend of essential oils to even make washing dishes seem like a fallish activity. 

On another store note, the very popular Acorn Copper Cookie Cutter is back in stock... just in time for my step-by-step decorating photos you'll find below.

I'm offering the Chestnut & Fig candles in a Gold Tin and my signature Mini Latte Bowl.  You can find them here.

On to the cookies, and more importantly our new old favorite - Butter Icing.

As promised, I'm sharing some step-by-step photos of how I decorated our Autumn Sugar Cookies this year.  You all know that sugar cookies are a seasonal staple at our house.  For a long time, I only used Royal Icing - especially when I was catering because it hardened nicely for packaging and looked shiny and professional.

Now that our cookies are mostly for eating and giving, I have switched back to my first love - butter icing.  It was what my Mom made when we were little and decorated cookies every Valentine's, Halloween & Christmas.  In the spring, I shared another version of a butter icing that was more of a glaze.  This is a little more buttery.  Not only does it have an amazing creamy flavor, but the butter keeps the cookies soft.  It is hardly a recipe, but here you go : )

Butter Icing

1 stick of butter
1/4 cup of milk
3-4 cups of confectioners sugar

Melt butter and milk together in the microwave.  Stir in confectioners sugar.  Add more milk to thin, or more confectioners sugar to thicken.

Here are our Acorn cookies ready for decorating.

Start with the tops - I used a dark green, but you can use the same color as the body of the acorn, too.

And, here I sort of skipped a step - do the Chocolate Sprinkles on the still wet tops, then fill in with the light brown on the bottom and stem.  I've packaged the Chocolate Sprinkles ($10) in my Large Glass Spice Jars, just as I have done for my other sugars and sprinkles.

For the pumpkin, I try to make the spreading lines follow that of a pumpkin to give it some natural looking texture.

The leaves are simple - I used a gold color, then piped on the same brown I used for the Acorns.

We invited some of Emma's friends over for cookie decorating in the afternoon, so we spent the morning rolling, cutting and and baking.

I set up the table for their decorating station.  I laid out parchment paper sheets to give them a work surface, and had all of the icings ready to go in bags for easy decorating and clean up.

Emma had to do a couple of samples before her friends arrived.

And taste a couple of samples.

You might remember her signature squiggle pile of icing from her birthday party!

So, are you a royal icing fan or a butter icing?  Our local bakery does a really soft and creamy cream cheese frosting on their sugar cookies... I think I'll have to try to recreate those too.  Hope you are all enjoying some beautiful mild weather.  We're heading to the pumpkin patch this morning with Emma's "Best Cousins" Sam and Kate.  Happy early weekend!  Let the Fall festivities begin : )


Products Featured :

Chestnut & Fig Candle ($12.50-18.00)
Chestnut & Fig Dish Soap ($8)
Autumn Copper Cookie Cutters $15
Chocolate Sprinkles $10
Parchment Paper Sheets $8
Disposable Pastry Bags $12.50
Cookie Boxes $10.50
Acorn Tags $6
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