It is probably no surprise to any of you - Emma and I do a lot of crafts.  She'll say, "Art Project, Mommy?" which typically involves paint, glitter = mess.  I've just gotten very used to cleaning floors (and walls) daily (hourly?).

This week as I've been preparing my Valentine's Day products (coming Friday!) we discovered a new and very easy project for Emma that kept her entertained for at least 45 minutes and didn't require any glitter or glue.

I love her little creations and since one of my resolutions is to keep more fresh flowers in the house, I love the idea of having her arrangements scattered around.

"Emma made it.  All by myself."
Ok, so there was a little water on the floor... but that just made the mopping easier.

"Look Darcy, look at my frowers!"

And, in case you were wondering, these little spray roses (Trader Joes) don't have giant thorns : )

And, while I love her painted works of art, displaying these bouquets are a little more subtle way to share her creativity in our home - and she loves them, too.

We'll be decorating Valentine's sugar cookies today, so I'm glad we had a relatively mess-free project yesterday, because today will be a doozy for sure.