It is official... the store is finally open for business!

As I announced a couple of weeks ago, I've been working on compiling a collection of "entertaining essentials" that I've loved over the years.  So many times you have asked me, "Where do you get those kraft boxes for cupcakes?" or "How can I get those labels custom printed?"  Here is my answer.

You can find a link to the store above in my navigation bar, or on the right hand side where is says "Shop my Favorite Entertaining Essentials" or click here :

Everyday Occasions - The Store

Why a store?  So much of what we do as home entertainers is about presentation and style.  In my store, I have put together all of the things that I rely on when I'm putting together a party - linens, candles, labels, packaging and baking supplies.  My selections are classic and simple that will let your own style show through.  Another area of focus for the store is gifts - everything from classic hostess gifts to elaborate collections for the Bride-To-Be.

My favorite part of the store is the Color Collection.  As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I designed a large selection of color swatches that can be applied to many of my products like monogrammed linens, custom printed labels and candles.  The names of the colors have special meanings to me - like Bliss Blue is from my first company, and Edgartown Sand from the time we spent in Martha's Vineyard.   You can shop specifically by color... for example, if you want to see everything that is available in "Seaside" you can click the "Seaside" button.

Click here to see the Color Collection.

Here are the "Celebration Candles" in "Seaside" - aren't they the most perfect color?  Fun and festive, but subtle and sophisticated.  They come in 8 colors - all gorgeous.

All of my candles are made by Creative Candles - a 50-year-old factory that is only 1 mile from my house.  I was first introduced to them by years of flipping through the pages of Martha Stewart Living.  They are one of Martha's "secret sources" and have been used in her magazines for years... and on Oprah's birthday cake, the pages of Elle Decor, House Beautiful.  You get they idea.  They are fabulous and I'm so excited to have them be a part of my collection.  They make the most stunning colors and shapes - many of them I'll feature here along with coordinating monograms and labels.

This is an example of a great gift idea in the color "Falmouth Grey."  The gift includes Monogrammed Hemstitch Napkins, Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins and Classic Taper Candles.  It would be perfect for a wedding shower or birthday gift for someone special.  As you can see, the napkins come wrapped in Everyday Occasions cotton twill ribbon and also comes with matching matches.

Shop this collection.

Here is a closeup of the monogrammed hemstitch napkins in "Seaside."  I love a clean, simple monogram - the essence of classic.

Here are the Celebration Candles (6") atop cupcakes - they can turn any simple dessert into something special.  And, those cupcake papers are something special, too...

These aren't just any cupcake papers.
Most cupcake papers are only 1 inch tall and 2 inches in diameter and Jumbo papers are taller, but are 2 1/4 inches in diameter - too big to fit in a standard cupcake pan.  These liners are 1 1/2 inch, for a nice and tall cupcake, but are only 2 inches in diameter, fitting perfectly in a standard pan.

It took me forever to find these perfect cupcake papers...  Sometimes it is the little details that help make your treats look their best.

Six of these cupcakes fit perfectly into my kraft paper cupcake boxes.  I'm planning on giving this exact gift idea to Emma's teachers when school starts again.

When I first announced the store opening, I shared one of my newest obsessions - sheets of pre-cut parchment paper and I had a huge response and many many pre-orders!  They are non-stick and fit perfectly in to a Half-Sheet Pan (16"x12").   The best part is that you just throw it away and only need to give the pan a quick rinse.

Of course, no store of mine would be complete without treat packaging - cello bags & custom labels.  This is one of my most requested items.  You can order them with your initial, name or "from the kitchen of."  I'll also be designing seasonal labels like for Halloween and Valentine's Day.

All of my orders are packaged just like this with kraft packaging with logo printed cotton ribbon... and shipped for just $5.  I wanted it to be easy!

It makes the perfect thing to send a friend as a gift... or to yourself!

Enjoy browsing and shopping - please send me any feedback.    I'm sure there will be kinks somewhere along the way, so thanks in advance for your patience as I explore this new venture.   Check back often - I have more products to add!

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