I saw a quote a couple of weeks ago that has resonated with me :

"Your biggest fear should not be failing.  It should be succeeding at things that don't matter."

It made me stop and think - is what I do something that matters?

I hope so.

Though I feel like I do try to share with you, my readers, a "real" reflection of our life, I love to get reminders like these that keep me on track. 

Since Emma was born, it has been my goal to transform this blog from a picture perfect "magazine-type" blog to a genuine reflection of a life well-lived.  I share with you my life - in the form of recipes, family photos, home projects and travels, in hopes of inspiring you to live a full life.

Sometimes I run into people that say, "Oh, you're a blogger?  I don't read blogs because they just make me feel bad about myself and my home!"  Ugh. 


I want people to feel empowered by my blog.  I love that it is my "job" to inspire others to live well through their own efforts.  What I write about might not be life-saving, but sometimes having a new and interesting recipe to make for dinner or a tidy linen closet can definitely be a day-saver.  So many times the little things mean so much - the daily struggle of refusing to become overwhelmed by the clutter, the stress, the finances, the laundry... it can all add up to feeling underwater all of the time.  Especially when it seems that everyone on Insta and Facebook has more than enough time, energy, money and patience.

I feel you.  Peeping into others lives can make you feel sub-par - unless you're looking at the right things.

I hope this blog is place you can come to glimpse into our home and find peace in your own home.   

I'll be returning tomorrow from our little break with some new recipes and projects - and a recap of our festive fourth!