We spent our Easter weekend with my family at my parents' house out in the country - there were baby ducklings to pet (thanks to Uncle Josh), puppies playing, cousins to kiss on and lots and lots of food (yes, including the bunny cake).  Enjoy this little photo recap of our weekend back home!

Emma and I had been practicing egg hunting for the past few weeks so she'd know just what to do - she was a pro.

Macy keeping watch.

Mr. is a farm dog at heart.  He thinks.

Easter basket time.

6 am chocolate covered bunny.  

PJ snuggling with Gramp Gramp.

Recognize Baby Kate's dress?  (hint : Emma's from her first Easter)

Road to church.

Love the muted colors of early spring.

Antebellum mansion out in the country near my parents' house.  I was crazy about this house when I was growing up.

 It gets crazy at Moo Moo's house - lots of ladies.

Post church playing.

Emma  Makes Way for Ducklings (again).

Spring has finally sprung - stay tuned this week for recipes from this past weekend... lots of breakfasts and dinners on the porch.