I hope everyone had a great Easter!  Ours was fantastic - such a beautiful, spring day!  I'm finally getting around to sharing our DIY bathroom refresh.  Enjoy!

This was our bathroom....  Just sort of all over ick.  Currently, this is the only full bathroom in the entire house, but soon we'll have our own big master bath, so we didn't want to spend too much time or money.   Nothing was really terrible or dated beyond 10 years or so, but it was definitely not a place that reflected our style or felt refreshing to spend time in.

The patched and re-patched plaster walls were the main source of our dislike.  And yes, I did actually choose this color.  It turns out this dusty blue grey doesn't do anything for a dingy bathroom but make it feel, well, dusty and dingy.

After just a few days...

This is the walk on the way to the bathroom - so you can get the full effect.  It is soooo much lighter, brighter and much fresher.

As you can see, there is no fancy tile work or impressive marble in sight.  Our goal was to just take a weekend (or two...) and spruce it up a little to make it fresh and clean feeling.

We kept the existing vanity and just gave it a fresh coat of paint (Navajo White in Satin) that matches the rest of the trim in the house.  We replaced the shell vanity top and the dated wall mounted mirror.

I love these polished nickel pulls - Martha Stewart Bedford pulls.  We have the same ones in the kitchen, but they are finished in brass.

The faucet is Delta Silvertone - and it does have a genuine looking silver-plate finish.

I think this mirror really elevates the feel of the bathroom.

If you look closely, you can see the "beadboard" wallpaper that we installed and then painted Navajo White in flat.  The paper went on so easily and covered all of the blemishes that were covering the walls.

This framed photo is one I took on our honeymoon in Tuscany.  It is the same view that I put in my painting.

Here's a closer view of the wallpaper.   I decided to paint it the same as the trim (but in flat) to make it feel as much like paneling as possible.

Basic and original cast iron tub. 

We replaced the shower head and faucet with Universal Fit pieces - we didn't have to take out any tile to put these on.

I won't even show you what the old shower head looked like.  We'll just say that this one is much, much better.

The fun area of the tub!  Those are Emma's foam flower "stickers."

This is a painting I did of the view from our house in Seaside.

Nice cafe curtains are really hard to find!  I ended up making these from a hemstitch table runner - I love how they turned out. 

I just cut it in half and put a hem on the top of each to hold the rod.

I love the patina of the original old polished nickel door plate in the bathroom.  The other side has brass to match the rest of the house.

More polished accents.  The curtain is Restoration Hardware.

Side view of the painting.

Hooks!  We can't have too many hooks in our house!

Sources : 
Towel Hooks, Toilet Paper Holder & Hardware : Martha Stewart Seal Harbor at Home Depot
Wall Paint : Navajo White in Flat
Vanity : Navajo White in Satin
Faucet : Delta Silvertone
Shower Curtain : Restoration Hardware
Cafe Curtain : Pottery Barn Table Runner
Towels : Pottery Barn Hydro Cotton