Emma's 1st Birthday is just a couple of weeks away.  In a way, I can't believe she is going to be one, but then again, it feels like we've been parents for 5 years already!  It does seem like a lifetime away when we headed to the Emerson Hospital in Concord...

December birthdays are tricky.  Mike's birthday is the 7th and when he was younger his Mom always made sure that they celebrated his birthday before they decorated for Christmas - to make sure they didn't couple up the holidays.  No birthday photos in front of the tree.  

I feel like the 15th of December is a little too late to wait to decorate, so I am attempting to design her party with a 'winter wonderlandy, creamy, dreamy, candylandy" sorty of feel.  I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish it, until I came across my source of inspiration...

Thanks to Paper-Source!  When I walked in the store, I thought this paper (that I used to line the opal shimmer envelopes) was the perfect inspiration for the party.  
Cute pink, red and green holiday cookies that look girly and feminine, without being too over the top "Christmas."

When looking at the pinholepress.com site for holiday cards, I noticed their extra thick side-striped cards.  I only needed 15 invitations, so I couldn't justify ordering them... so, I figured out how to make them.  Of course.

The photo doesn't quite do it justice, as my lens couldn't focus in enough, but as you can see (sort of), the card is triple thick with a layer of pink cardstock sandwiched between two cream cards.  It is all glued together, then cut to reveal the edging.

Here is the process!

I printed a front and back on the same cream sheet of cardstock.

BTW, isn't this the cutest set of Emma photos?!  Here is the original in BW.  They were taken on a whim in her high chair.  I photoshoped out the background and, boom, cutest ever invitation photos.  You can even see the applesauce all over her face and pj's : )

I cut out each photo, leaving a little edge.

Then ran the cards through my xyron sticker machine (also from Paper-Source).

I placed the front sticker on a sheet of pink cardstock...

Then the back sticker on the back, matching them up.  Then I cut out the entire card.

Stay tuned for more party details!

 Here is the easy-to-pin strip!