For Emma's party I wanted the create a very soft and feminine flower arrangement that would be fitting my soft and feminine little lady.

Just as I designed her invitation (here's the post about the invitation) to just have a glimpse of Christmas, I didn't want the arrangement to be overly "holiday," but I wanted it to be appropriate for the season.  I think it is important to always decorate seasonally - arrangements seem to "fit" better when the seasonality is considered... not to mention flowers that are in season are easier to find and of a higher quality.

I selected these soft pink amaryllis along with magnolia leaf and cedar sprigs.  The arrangement came together very easily.

Here you can see the shiny green and velvety brown magnolia leafs - my favorite.  They are so easy to use and seem to "make" any arrangement I use them in.

Here is the arrangement on the night of the party with the cakes in the center of the table.

Here are the Easy DIY steps.  You can certainly use red amaryllis for a more traditional holiday centerpiece for Christmas.  I think you'll see how easy it is!

Start by placing the cedar sprigs in the vase that is filled with water.  Trim the stems before you put them in so they just drape over the sides.  

Next, insert the amaryllis - I used three stalks that had 3 blooms each.  

Finally, insert the magnolia leaves around the base of the flowers.

Here is the easy-to-pin step-by-step!