Boo!  Or should I say, "Baaaa!"

Our little lamb!

Here is the making of the costume.  I used a really soft, fuzzy blanket that I found, cut it out and sewed it together.  It may have been my most successful sewing project to date - complete with an oatmeal linen lining! 

Hey, Bright Eyes : )

Happy kids!

Sunday we took Emma to the Fairway Halloween festival at the park.  Sorry about the blurry picture... it is the only one I'm in!

Emma's Uncle Josh and Aunt Claire came to see her in her lamb costume.

Emma's very "in to" teeth and mouths...

Emma and Daddy

Josh making a scary pumpkin... yikes!


on the sliiiiiide!

Today Emma and I decorated cookies to take to her Mimi's house for Trick-or-Treating.

 Her first hands-on sugar cookie experience... of many, many more.  Next up- Thanksgiving cookies!