I have been distracted lately.  You may have noticed.  We have some major news... we bought a new house!  Or, I guess, we're buying a new house.  Certain things, like, the appraisal and closing still have to happen, but the plan is to buy the house.  In one month.

So, yes, I've been distracted.  Then I thought, instead of letting my endless search for interior inspiration distract me, I decided to bring you along.

I've been going Pinterest crazy (follow all of my pins here) pinning inspiration photos, paint colors, chairs (oh, the chairs...) and general I love everything about this photo photos. 

Follow along as I share the journey of designing our new home.  Note, I won't be sharing the photos of the actual home until we move at the end of next month to keep the current owner's privacy.  And to not jinx the closing!

So, I've listed some of my new Pinterest Boards below that I'll be updating with inspiration as I come across it.  To follow all of my Pinterest boards (recipes, home inspiration, wish list, clothes, baby...) click here.

New Living Room Pinterest Board

Paint Colors Pinterest Board

General House Inspiration Pinterest Board


New Dining Room Pinterest Board

New Master Bedroom Pinterest Board