Last spring when we moved into this house, this is the "patio" that greeted us. 

In fact, the woman that owned the house didn't even know that there was a "patio" there...

But when I saw it, I looked past the years of dirt and sand and saw possibility.  So, one day when Mike went to work, I got out my power washer and shovel...

What a pleasant surprise!  We didn't even have to patch anywhere to complete the flagstone patio that was laid however many years ago.

It is not perfect by any stretch.  It is a little sandy, a little rocky and has weeds that frequently sprout up... and don't get me started on the ants.   Buuuuttt, for the small amount of work it took to create, it is perfect for the moment.  I'm so glad there was no hauling of rocks, clearing, digging, leveling and watering of grass (like we created at our last house!).  I'm sure some day I'll have the time to really re-address the patio, but for the meantime I just love having a place outside for us to lounge, eat and entertain.

The furniture is from - I got it last year... not sure if they still have it!  I got the striped pillows from Restoration Hardware last year, too.

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