When I’m in the kitchen, I want it to feel like a relaxing and pleasurable experience- like I have all of the time in the world, which is hardly ever the case.  For me, when I open the cabinet of this baking station in my kitchen, it feels like walking into the most cozy room in my house.  Everything is well-stocked, beautifully displayed and I am at ease as I begin creating something that I know my family is going to love.   I love coming down to the kitchen on Saturday morning with bare feet to have a hot cup of coffee and stir together a quick batch of scones (of course... I'm clearly obsessed!) before the day starts.

Most kitchens are organized by the type of item versus by use, meaning all of the dry goods like spices, flour, sugar, oils, seasoning and vinegars are stored together- usually someplace near the stove.  While it makes great sense to keep the spices and seasonings handy while you’re whipping up dinner, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that, it makes less sense to keep baking powder and powdered sugar in the same spot.

Having this station in my kitchen simplifies my baking processes and allows me to be more creative.  It makes me feel like I have a clean slate to begin creating whatever it is I can dream up.  When I have everything at my finger tips in a well organized and attractive station, whipping up a batch of muffins in the morning or a late night dozen of cupcakes will become a breeze- and a pleasure.

List of Supplies :
    Brushes & Rollers
    Spice Containers
    Small, Medium & Large Canisters
    Printed Labels

Shelf Risers
So you no longer have to shuffle things around when you’re searching for the coconut extract, give your shelves multiple levels by using a riser in the back of your cabinet.  In my kitchen, shallow shelves made from pieces of moldings are painted and turned upside-down. 

A Place for Everything...
Arrange your dedicated baking area so that everything has a spot in the cabinet.  It may seem daunting to assign an individual spot for all of your baking essentials... and keep it there, but knowing exactly where to find everything will make your time in the kitchen efficient and more enjoyable.  Place like items together- spices, extracts and flavorings on the bottom; baking powder, baking soda and salt in the middle; and pastry bags and tips up top.  Don’t forget about untapped storage areas like the inside of the cabinet doors.  Here, hooks hold mixer attachments and measuring spoons.

Clean Containers
Consider putting all of your essentials in your own containers.  It will make your space more visually appealing and less cluttered.  Clear glass containers allow you to easily see what’s inside and to see how much of that item you have.

I love to label everything - I like the way it looks and I like that it is sort of 'branded' for my kitchen.  Visit my new store to see my collection of custom printed labels.

For more of my favorite packaging and organizational essentials, visit my store.

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