Emma was baptized a couple of weeks ago at my family's church back home.  After what seemed like a whirlwind of a morning (yes... these days getting everyone ready for church and brunch is our definition of whirlwind - my how things of changed!) we returned back to my parents' house exhausted.  Just as we were getting ready to change Emma into something more comfy to wear for the afternoon, I realized I hadn't gotten any photos of her - just her by herself in her pretty outfit. 

Yes, I had gotten groups of family members holding her, us standing at the alter, closeups of the cinnamon rolls and whoopie pies, but somehow I forgot to take photos of her.  Humph.  Here is a series of shots I captured of the newly baptized baby laughing at her Dad.  This is the good stuff.  If I were tweeting this it'd have a tag like #InbetweenTheBigMoments.

This dress was made by my Grandma's sister, Erma for my Dad's Baptism 50+ (wink, wink...) years ago.  My sister, her daughter Sam and I wore it also. 

I love the hem lace detail on the bottom - so delicate and elegant.  These booties were made by one of Mike's Mom's friends.  They are amazing.