Jcrew sale on my comp...
The View from Where I Sit is pretty good.  I spend most mornings perched on a stool at our kitchen island equipped with coffee, my computer, phone and camera.  

As I sit here in our New England home, 1,500 miles away from 'real' home (or where we had always known home to be), I might not feel completely at home, but I am definitely at peace being surrounded by all of my loves.

emma's mini crib right by my stool... literally what i see from where i sit just inches away

In the Barefoot Contessa's "At Home" cookbook she says, "My home is wherever Jeffery is."  When we decided to make the move to Massachusetts I felt the same way - and hoped I would still feel that way when we got here.

the mr. in one of his many spots...
And I do.  For the most part.  Sure, I miss a lot of things from "home" (our cozy Fairway home, being close to family, our best friends, our favorite restaurants, our neighborhood, an affordable lifestyle...), but we've managed created our little version of home here.

I hope to look back on our time in Massachusetts as a shared adventure between Mike and I - the two of us out on our own.  We were itching for a change and jumped at it the minute the opportunity became available to us.  I hope we're always able to do that - wherever we are in life. 

i was sitting on the floor in emma's room and mike was rocking/walking her to sleep in our room
Little did we know that a big change in the form of a baby was headed our way!

I'm not talking just about constantly relocating to a new place, but in all types of opportunities.  I hope we're always able to be open to and embrace change... even with the potential slight discomfort it might cause.  

While I'll never regret our decision to move here - it already has brought me clarity in so many ways - sometimes I think about how it would be different if we welcomed Emma into our Fairway home - would our experience with her be somehow different?  Easier because we had the convenience (and help) from our families?  Maybe.  Easier because of the contentment and comfort we felt in our old home and our own life?  Perhaps.

The only regret I'll have about our time here is if we don't live it to its fullest.  While it can be tempting to look forward to moving back home to the comfort of familiar territory (whenever that might be...), I'm determined to "do it right" while we're here.  With Baby Emma in tow, we're going to continue to travel and explore - to new places, new experiences and new friends.