Potted Paper Whites
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Paper Whites are my favorite Holiday flower.  It is really a Spring bulb that is grown indoors for the Holidays.  When fully grown, they're tall and elegant with white blooms and smell amazing.  Instead of a regular pot, I planted the bulb in a decorative bowl.  I covered the top of the soil with patches of moss - much more elegant than exposed dirt.  To package, I set the bowl down into a cellophane bag and tied it with natural twine.  I attached a printed tag to it so she'll know what to expect!

I used this vintage bowl from Anthropology instead of a flower pot.  I think this bowl would look great on the breakfast table when it the flower is in bloom.  Fill the bowl with potting soil.  Oh yes, that is Mr. Darcy's nose... checking out the dirt.

 Plant the bulb in the dirt, with the top poking out.

Tear the moss into small pieces that fit around the bulb.

To package, put the bowl into a cellophane bag (you can buy in my online store!) and tie the top with natural twine.

Finally, I made a label and printed it out onto cream cardstock.