Mini Pumpkin Candle Holders
for the Fall Harvest Party

I recently shared a Fall Harvest Party idea with the Williams-Sonoma Blog, The Blender.  Part of the table setting included these mini pumpkin taper candle holders.

These were so easy to create - and an inexpensive alternative to pricey fancy candle holders. 

Mike made them for me in about 20 minutes.  Here are the step-by-step instructions...

 1 )  Cut off the stem of the pumpkin.  He used wire cutters to pinch away most of the stem.
 2)  Use a box cutter to carve a whole into the stem.  This is an important step because it gives the drill bit an area to secure itself to.  Otherwise, the drill will not 'grab' onto the pumpkin.

3)  Here is a close up of the carved hole. 
 4)  With a circular drill bit, drill about 1 inch into the pumpkin. 
**I do not recommend holding the pumpkin while you drill - put it flat onto your work surface and drill straight down. 
 5)  Done!  Wasn't that easy!  This 1-inch bit was a great fit for my candles.  Wrap the base of the candle in a damp paper towel to give it a snug fit.