Babies aren't on just my mind these days, they are on the minds of a lot of my friends.  Last month, two of my college friends had babies - a girl, Mary Alice, and a boy, Patrick. 

Since we're on the other side of the country, I put together these little Halloween Baby Gift Boxes to send them until I can meet them in person.

In each box I put a Halloween Onesie, Halloween Hat and bag of Fall sugar cookies that I made. 

If you don't have time to make homemade cookies, these Halloween Treats from Williams-Sonoma would do the trick.  I really like that they are made on a ginger-spice cookies.  Yum.

Halloween Ginger Spice Cookies $22.95
Speaking of cute babies (well, hardly a baby any more) Samantha had her first pumpkin patch experience last weekend!

I know I'm partial, but I think she might be the cutest kid I've ever seen.  Look at her shy little smile!

 She loves her pink sparkle shoes that her Moo-Moo gave her.  And yes, those are jeggings.

She's in charge...

Wouldn't you die for those eyelashes?!  

I'm planning to send this Pumpkin Trick-or-Treating bag to Samantha for Halloween.  My sister and I had similar ones that my Mom made when we were younger... they went along with homemade Jack-O-Lantern costumes that were stuffed with pillows.  I love that these are personalized - and only $16!