What season would be complete without sugar cookies... okay, several versions of sugar cookies.  You might remember my Heirloom Pumpkin cookies I made a couple of weeks ago to match the fun colors of the heirloom pumpkins I'd found.

These Fall Sugar Cookies are a mixture of different colors and sizes of leaves and acorns.  To make the different shades of warm reds, golds and browns, I started with a light brown icing, then added red (for example) to achieve a muted "Fall" red color.  I used the same technique for the gold and darker brown icings.  For more details on how I mix icing colors, visit this post!



I featured these Fall Sugar Cookies at my Front Porch Pumpkin Carving Party.

These cookies would be great for the rest of October and November - You could even have them out for Thanksgiving!