Last weekend my Sister and Aunts hosted a Baby Shower for me.  I wanted to do something special for them as a Thank You/Hostess Gift.  It's always a challenge to think of a small gift that is special, personal and something that they'll actually use. 

I wanted it to be something that I made... at least part of it.  Since we were traveling back to KC for the shower, baked goods weren't really an option (we aren't bag checkers). 

I made a stop to my favorite spot for homemade goods supplies that don't look homemade - Paper Source.  My plan was to make personalized stationery sets and personalized "From the Kitchen Of..." labels.  When I found these Vera Bradley lunchboxes, I thought they'd be the perfect 'package' and useful, too.

Baby Shower Hostess Gift :
- Stationery Set
- From the Kitchen Of Labels
- Lunch Bag

For 4 sets of 10 Personalized Stationery (card & envelopes), you'll need :

- 1 pack of Lux Cream Cover (contains 10 sheets of cardstock) from Paper-Source
- 4 packs of A2 envelopes (contains 10 envelopes each) from Paper-Source
- Printer
- Paper cutter from Paper-Source
- Thin Satin Ribbon from Paper-Source (for wrapping)

To create the Stationery Template, use a graphics design program (I use InDesign), Word or PowerPoint document divided into 4 equal sections (each being 5.5"w x 4.25"t fit on one 8.5"x11" page).
Put the initials or name of each person on the top margin (about 1/2 inch from top) of each card.  Print onto Lux Cream Cover and cut using a paper cutter to 5.5" x 4.25".

This straight edge paper cutter ($19.50) from Paper-Source has been my saving grace for so so so many projects.  Straight cuts really help to make professional looking paper crafts.  It is definitely worth the $20 investment!

Cut it length-wise in half...

Then in half again.

I use this thin satin ribbon from Paper-Source to wrap each set of cards and envelops.

Flip it over and twist, bringing the sides up over the top and bottom...

Flip over again and tie a bow.  I really like how the thick textured paper looks - it gives it a professional quality.

Coming Soon : how I made the "From the Kitchen Of..." Labels here using Paper-Source adhesive labels.

Here is all of my gift supplies ready to be assembled.

I am really pleased how they turned out!  Have I inspired you?  If you have a hostess gift to put together, click below to all of the items on sale at Paper-Source!

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