As promised, I finally have photos of our living room to share.  For the moment, we are using all of our furniture from our old house.  Our old house had a larger living room, so I custom ordered this furniture to fill the grand space.  Our new house has smaller living spaces (but twice as many bedrooms!).  The scale of our living room furniture is a little too large for this space, but it seems to work... for now. In the future, I'd like to have some white upholstered chairs made to replace the leather and linen chair we have now.

We are using this trunk as a coffee table, for now.  Our original coffee table (that I never really liked anyway) was so huge - it took up the entire space between the sofa and chairs.  The chest was already painted this slate grey - I can't decide if I want to paint it a different color, or not.  What do you think?

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The mantel features some botanical prints that used to hang in our dining room.  I made them from vintage prints I printed off of the internet onto textured paper.  The frames were spray painted a creamy white.  The pewter platter was a wedding gift from my Mom and the pewter candlesticks were from my Granny.

I still love our comfy, giant sofa.  I ordered it (and the coordinating chair) from Club  I sent the fabric (COM) that I special ordered from the manufacturer of the Restoration Hardware Belgium Linen.  It is a chunky, natural oatmeal linen that has worn beautifully.  Club is one of my favorite furniture resources.  The work with manufacturers of that produce Restoration Hardware, and Lee Industries furniture.  I selected the down fill upgrade for our pieces.   The quality is superb and they were great to work with.  I feel like you can always tell the quality of furniture by its weight.  This sofa is so HEAVY.

I love that we have a staircase and banister in this house - something we didn't have in our old home.  I spray painted these frames (that were once black) a soft warm grey.  It is my current favorite paint... I'm spraying everything that will stand still!

I filled our corner cabinet with our Powder Blue gold rimmed Anna Weatherly china from our wedding.

It also features some of our larger Match Pewter serving pieces we received.   

I made these curtains from heathered charcoal gray wool.  It was my first attempt at making french pleated drapes.  It was so easy - a diy tutorial coming soon!

Mr. Darcy enjoying his new home... actually, he is looking at the tennis ball I have in my hand, as I'm trying to get him to move out of the frame.