Samantha, my niece, had her first birthday party last weekend.  My sister made the most adorable 'farm animal themed' cake for the festivities. 

Left : Sam enjoying her mac n'cheese b-day lunch... a lot!

Jill made all of the fondant farm animals early in the week - here is their dog, Casey.

She made piggies, ducks, bumble bees, sheep...

A cow, a chicken/rooster...

Her husband made the lady bug.  She said they were a lot easier to make than she'd anticipated - working with the fondant was so forgiving. 

I like the 'Momma & Baby' sets she made like this pig and piglet.

She assembled the cake the night before (having baked the actual cakes earlier in the day).  Here she is applying the buttercream layer that goes under the fondant.

She mixed color into the fondant to create a green field.

She rolled out the fondant on this mat that helped her to measure how big it should be.  She used powdered sugar to keep it from sticking.

She trimmed it with a knife.

 She made some grass and other accents for the 'farm' with this tip.

We made a little lake for the ducks to swim and 'dirt' out of oreos for the pigs.

Close up of the grass.

For the party, Jill picked up some farm balloons - Sam loved them.

Jill made Sam a mini cake to devour.  She was a pro.

I think she had be practicing.

Happy Birthday, Sam!