Here is a little peak at our honeymoon in Italy - we had the most amazing time!

Rome : Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican  |  Mike at the top of the dome
Me in St. Peter's Square at The Vatican (listening to my Rick Steve's travel podcasts)

Frescoed Ceiling in the Vatican Museum

An adorable bike in Rome - complete with baskets!

Rome : Mike at a Cafe enjoying a cappuccino and prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich for breakfast.  Mike was obsessed with real Italian cappuccinos... and that they only cost $1.20.  The cafe's were so elegant - not at all casual and cozy like Starbucks.  

Rome : Gelato at the Trevi Fountain - it was magical at night.

Rome : The Colosseum 

Rome : Best lunch in Rome... fresh ravioli.  The sauce was so light and flavorful and plenty of cheese on top.

Tuscany : We stayed in a bed & breakfast in this medieval winery village in Tuscany called Fonturetoli.

Tuscany : This is our living room - it was a hunting lodge.

 Tuscany : This is our room - so elegant yet rustic.  I LOVED the oval marble tub.
Tuscany : Bed & Breakfast : Mike loved the bountiful spread.
Tuscany : We rented this little convertible to explore wine country.

Tuscany : the views...

Mike learning about wine.

Very old wine.

Tuscany : Mike exploring a country village.
Cinque Terre : Fishing villages near the Italian Riviera. 

Cinque Terre : Hiking between the villages.

Florence : Our Hotel in Florence - I loved this hotel!

Florence : Was a little rainy, but made it very romantic.

Florence : The Arno River at night.

Florence : Mike testing out the local brew... he became quite the fan.  Look at the decor of the hotel - I was constantly taking notes.  I loved the simple color palate, the mixture of worn and polished antiques, and the framed prints and sketches....

Florence : Our favorite part of the day : Italian Happy Hour : Free appetizers at all of the wine bars!
Florence : We had an amazing dinner in our hotel's restaurant, Borge San Jacopo at The Hotel Lungarno (it is one of the best restaurants in Florence... not a typical hotel restaurant).  I loved the grey flannel upholstered chairs.
Florence : White Truffle Season!
Florence : Again, taking design notes... very understated and elegant.
Tagliatelle White Truffles

Asparagus Stuffed Ravioli

Tuscan Filet
When in Rome... or Florence...

Milk Chocolate Creme Brule.  Unbelievable.