I've started getting our house ready for Thanksgiving.  We will be having 13 guests, so I set two separate tables a "kids' table" and an "adults' table."  Mind you, the kids' table's youngest guest is 23... except for my 7-month-old niece, Sam.

Adults' Table
The adults will sit in the dining room at the distressed harvest table.  The table is a little small/narrow, so I kept the decor simple : ivory burlap runner with two pewter candlesticks.

The kids' table is set in my office, adjacent to the dining room.  I think this will work great because the two groups will be close enough to chat.  I'm using tree branch clippings from our pear tree - it still has great fall colors and some berries.  I'm so excited to use my new Spode Woodlands china collection.

I am not a "matchy-matchy" person.  I love the feel of mixing and matching all of these wooden chairs.  To me, mixing all of these chairs and finishes creates a "grandma's house" vibe.  I found the table at KC River Market Antiques Co.   It was $46 and is solid walnut.  It is a drop-leaf table, so I'll be able to collapse the sides and use it as a console table after the holidays.

A close up of the pear tree branches & of Sam's high chair - $24 and it was already painted grey... perfect.

I love the Fall and Winter seasons - the coziness of the harvest season is something I dream of all year long.  I decided to swap out all of my hanging prints with season appropriate art.  I printed them from a vintage prints website... so it was free.

Vintage Spode Woodland Turkey plates on the wall... pheasants in frames.


I added a rust, orange and brown throw to make my 'light and airy' living room feel more cozy.  The framed botanical prints were inspired by the artwork we saw everywhere in italy.  I used tips from "Good Bones Great Pieces" for framing the prints. 

Almost done... more photos to come!