In my recent DIY Dining Room makeover, I painted and distressed this hutch - I love the result. It is the perfect whimsical piece for our home.

This is the base of the hutch - an old wood finish.

This is the top cabinet for china. I like the 3 panel design with the thick crown moulding top.

I started with a pale blue-green paint that I mixed from old paints I had from other projects (like our bathroom). I ended up with a satin finish paint that works great on rustic furniture. After the blue paint, I applied a grey wash that I made from mixing a deep grey paint with a clear polyurethane and water. I brushed it on, then wiped it off, then used some of the blue paint to blend it, then brushed it on, then wiped it off...... you get the point. You really have to be creative and brave. Any mistakes can be painted over.

Here is the top painted. Mike removed the glass for me to make the painting easier. I left the interior the stained wood... I think it looks great with the white china.

I added new hardware to complete the look. These were $0.97 from Lowes.

Here is the completed room! See the details of the entire makeover here.