I'm putting together a schedule of Seasonal and Holiday Cooking Classes & Entertaining Workshops at my home in Fairway, KS (Kansas City).  Would you be interested in attending?  What kind of things would you like to learn?  Here are some ideas that I'm tossing around... let me know what you think!

Halloween | Spooky Halloween Party Ideas, Decor, Crafts, Halloween Recipes & Desserts
Autumn Entertaining | Harvest Dinner Party Menu, Fall Table Settings, Simple Centerpieces of Gourds, Pumpkins & Fall Flowers
Holiday Home Decorating - Fresh Garlands, Wreaths, Beautiful Gift Wrapping for the Holidays, Crafts & Flower Arranging
Holiday Entertaining - Festive Cocktail Menu, Holiday Drinks, Decor & Table Settings
Cupcake Class - Learn how to make and decorate fun cupcakes!

Please post a comment below or send me an email at jenny@occasionskc.com if you are interested in attending any of these classes!  

Do you have any other great ideas for cooking classes in Kansas City?  Send them my way!